What is Vestigator?

Current methods for collecting spatial information from, e.g. crime scenes, historical excavation sites or construction sites, sometimes have significant limitations. Today’s technologies, in particular developments in the field of photo and sensor technology, make it possible to obtain a wide range of heterogeneous data. These can be used to obtain a detailed image of spatial conditions. Due to the multitude of heterogeneous data sources and the increased quality of the measurements, however, the complexity of the data model also increases. Therefore, appropriate preparation, processing and representation of the data obtained are a prerequisite for efficient usage.

Multidimensional Approach Modular & Adaptable Simple & Intuitive Data Management Authentification & Privacy
considers multiple sensors, combines them, and prepares them as multidimensional models for visualization can be equipped with multiple current and upcoming development of sensor technologies minimizes the probability of errors during data acquisition of collected, heterogeneous data stores the generated model in a structured manner and supplements it with additional information such as place and time digitally signs the resulting high-quality models to prove their authenticity

We are pursuing these goals with the patent pending Vestigator method (A50147/2020).

Use Cases

The ever-improving methods for recording and evaluating spatial data with a high degree of detail are applicable to many applications.

Accordingly, there is a multitude of individual products, procedures, and approaches that work independently from each other.